Friday, 26 October 2012


Raise the machine by placing a 3 in. thick wooden block underneath the center stand. Ensure that the machine is in gear and remove the rear chain connecting link. Remove the left muffler. Remove the wheel spindle nut, and withdraw the spindle from the left side. Cpllect an adjuster and  end cap from each side of the swinging fork. Detach the speedometer cable from the drive box. The brake caliper can now be swung down out of the way and the wheel removed.

Replacement is the reversal of the removel procedure but always remember to swing the brake caliper back into position and relocate the support plate on the wheel spindle.Finally check the rear chain adjustment and wheel alignment.

Rear Wheel
The rear wheel hub bearings are of the non-adjustable ball journal type, or roller taper bearing ( i change it, and made in Italy). A detachable steel sprocket bolted to the hub by four bolts.

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