Friday, 26 October 2012



When my Triumph bath tub is idling, maxture is supplied from the pilot jet system, then as the throttle slide is rised, via the pilot by pass.
The mixture is then controlled by the tepered needle working in the needle jet , and finally by the size of the main jet.
The pilot system  is supplied by a pilot jet ,which is
non-detachable and which is located in the mixing chamber body. The main jet does not spray direcly into the primary air chamber but discharges thourgh the needle jet into into the primary air chamber and the fuel goes there as a rich fuel air mixture through the primary air choke into the main air choke

This primary choke has a compesating action in conjuction with bleed holes in the needle jet, which serve the double purpose of air-compensating the mixture from the needle jet and allowing the fuel to provide a well, outside and around the needle jet, which is available for snap acceleration.

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