Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Float Chamber

Float Chamber

(a)    Loosen the screws securing the float chamber ensuring that the float chamber will not drop once the screws are removed. If necessary tap the float chamber lightly with the handle of the screwdriver to break the gasket seal. Keep the float chamber level as you remove it to stop the float mechanism from falling out.
(b)    Carefully separate the float chamber gasket from the body or float chamber.


(c)    Lift the float assembly from the float chamber and slide the float needle out of the float tabs.
(d)    Slide the float spindle out of the float.
(e)    Unscrew and remove the float chamber drain plug.

Mixing Chamber and Jets

Care should be taken when undoing brass jets. They are soft and easy to damage.

(a)    A 5/16 BSF or 1/4 Whitworth spanner is required to undo and remove the jet holder from the bottom of the carburetter body.
(b)    Use the Amal Jet Key (P/N 622/104) to undo and remove the Main Jet and Needle Jet from the Jet holder.


(c)    Unscrew the Pilot Jet (if fitted) from the bottom of the Mixing Chamber.

(d)    Unscrew and remove the Pilot Air Screw. If you wish to replicate the setting on re-assembly, screw the screw fully home and make a note of the number of turns required, before removing it.
(e)    Unscrew and remove the Throttle Stop Screw.


Cleaning And Inspection

Banjo and Filter 

Clean and inspect banjos and filters. Plastic banjos should be replaced with metal banjos as they tend to harden and crack with age. Carefully inspect the filter and replace if torn or if there are deposits on the mesh that can't be removed. Rust fragments in the filter may indicate a problem in the petrol tank that can cause carburation problems in the future. 


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