Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Ignition Timing Part 2

There are two slots in the flywheel , one at 38 degree  and one at top dead centre ( T.D.C). When timing is above check with a aparking plug, removed that the PISTONS are not at T.D.C which would indicate the wrong slot being located. The T.D.C plug is for degree plate use only

The second method necessitates removel of the circular plate at the forward end of the primary chaincase. Through the aperture will be seen the timing marking on the rotor casting and  this aligns with a pointer on the primary chaincase at the adge of the aperture. Placing the rotor making in line with the pointer again gives the 38 degree timing position

Remove both sparking plug to facilitate over the engine. Set both sets of contact breaking gap. Set the engine at 38 degree with the contact breaker cam turned clockwise to thefully advanced position
Check the left hand points (Black and Yellow Lead) which should just be starting to open. If they are not, slacken both the pillar bolt and turn the contact breaker main backplate.

Turn clockwise if the points open too early and vise versa.
When correct lock up the backplate, remove the flyweel locating pluger if used and turn the engine again at 38 degree ( one revolusion)

Set the engine again at 38 degree. Check the cam is still at the fully advance position and check at the second set of  contacts are just starting to open. If there is any discrepancy , slacken the secondary backplate top and bottom screws and using the eccentric adjuster screw move the backplate to achieve the correct opening point.

The timing is now correct. Re- lubricates the felts with 4  drops of clean engine oil and refit the cap.

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