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Replacing the carburetter

Always replace the carburetter fully assembled with the float chamber and mixing chamber top attached. The manifold flange and any heat reducing spacers should be carefully checked and dressed if necessary to ensure they are flat. Bolting the carburetter to a distorted flange or uneven spacer increases the risk of carburetter body or flange distortion.

Mark 1 carburetters are not designed to bolt tightly to the intake flange and may distort if overtightened. It is only necessary to compress the O ring seal to ensure air tightness. When correctly tightened the carburetter flange and engine manifold should be just touching. Nyloc nuts should always be used to mount Amal Mark 1 carburetters and should be tightened to no more than 4 ft lb.

Ensure that throttle and choke cables are able to open and shut freely when the petrol tank is replaced on the bike, and are not affected by moving the handlebars from side to side.


The carburetter is one of the more reliable but most accessible systems on a motorcycle. When considering a suspected carburetter fault bear in mind that air leaks or obstructions in the induction or exhaust systems, incorrect valve clearances, incorrect ignition timing,  worn valve guides or piston rings can all affect the performance of the carburetter, while ignition faults such as worn advance/retard units can produce symptoms that resemble a carburetter fault.   

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