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Mk1 Concentric Range
Introduced by Amal in 1967 & available today in 2 body sizes; 600
series (22,24,26mm) & 900 series (28,30,32mm). A set of three 27mm 600
series carbs is available for the Triumph/BSA triples. The float bowl
is positioned concentrically underneath the slide offering improved
fuel feed, even when inclined. Right & left hand versions are
available in most sizes, changing the positions of the tickler button
& adjustment screws. This range is available as a flange mount only,
with 2" hole centres. Alcohol versions can be supplied for the 32 &
34mm sizes.

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When ordering parts we will need to know the size of your carburettor.
An identification number will be appear on the body e.g. 930, 626. The
first digit is the series (900 or 600) the other numbers are the size
(26mm, 30mm etc.). A letter "L" or "R" designates left or right hand.
Carburettors are supplied jetted to suit the majority of applications.
Separate jets & slides are available for fine tuning.

This carb. type was almost universally fitted to British bikes. A
large range of spares for petrol & alcohol versions is available from
British Spares. A list of sample applications is shown below for your

The information given below is intended as a guide only, final
settings required may vary due to local fuels etc.

Triumph Part Number Size mm Main Jet Pilot Jet Slide No. Needle Pos. Needle Jet
T100C 1971-72 R626/300 26 170 N/A 4 2 106
T100R 1972 L626/301 & R626/300 26 150 N/A 3 1 106
TR61969-70 R930/300 30 230 N/A 3.5 2 106
T120 1968-70 L930/301 & R930/300 30 190 N/A 3 2 106
TR7V 1976-77 R930/300 30 270 N/A 3 2 106
T140 1976-77 L930/301 & R930/300 30 190 N/A 3 2 106

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